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The Vet Reset

Dec 20, 2021

Dr. Maggie Brown-Bury is an emergency veterinarian in Newfoundland in the midst of a big career transition - and she made the final decision to make that transition while on a long run. 

Maggie and I chatted about her big plans, the challenges she's leaving and the ones she's facing, and how she fits training runs in around her ER schedule. We worked together this fall in preparation for a 10 mile race, which she totally crushed - thanks to being smart about resting when she needed rest, being flexible when life got nuts (she got married!), and not being all-or-nothing about training.  

Maggie also loves food, books, puffins, semi-anonymous cheering, and the sea. She says she can't figure out how to be anyone but exactly who she is, and that seems like a pretty great deal to me. 

I'll be taking a break over the holidays as I've got big changes on deck myself! Please reach out to me anytime:


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