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The Vet Reset

Jul 19, 2021

It's hard to name an area of veterinary medicine that Dr. Quincy Hawley hasn't been involved in - from organized vet med to corporate practice to a full time focus on wellness, coaching, and diversity and inclusion, he's definitely a mover and shaker. It's a longer conversation but it's well worth the listen, as I'm not sure anyone could come away from hearing Quincy talk and not feel motivated - or MotiVETed, as the case may be. 

My biggest takeaway from this conversation? Change on a systemic level takes time - sometimes LOTS of time - and while it's worth fighting for, as Quincy says, you can decide to change yourself TODAY. So... what will you decide?

Find Quincy, along with CE courses, blogs and videos, coaching, and lots more at - you can also catch him on video at Vet Candy.

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