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The Vet Reset

Oct 11, 2021

I heard Dr. Ross Palmer tell a story in a webinar about a dog named Griz, complete with video montage, and I knew I needed to meet him. Luckily, he's the kind of guy who answers emails from complete strangers AND gets up early to record with them at 7 AM before a day of teaching. 

Ross and I fit a lot into this conversation, including his own health wake-up call and reset and why Griz and his owner continue to inspire him, not just in the exam room but in other areas of his life as well. Turns out we both have some compulsive tendencies, and he shares why sometimes life stressors that get in the way of achieving those big goals can actually be a gift. 

I think everyone can take something away from this episode. For a start, try this exercise: take a blank notebook and fill the front with things you love and the back with things you don't - find out what Ross does with his toward the end of the conversation. 

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