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The Vet Reset

Nov 28, 2020

Our first official episode features Phil Richmond, DVM, CAPP, CRT, CHC-BCS, CCFP (Certified in Applied Positive Psychology, Certified Resilience Trainer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach - Behavior Change Specialist, Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional, Certified QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Instructor, and Chair of the FVMA Professional Wellness and Wellbeing Committee). Phil and I were introduced through the Uncharted Veterinary Community when he posted about his love for functional strength and fitness, and then we almost immediately found out we had another mutual connection and seemed destined to know each other. We chat about a lot of topics that will come up over and over in future conversations including positive psychology, habit science, impostor syndrome, and more. 

Some links Phil sent over:

The Flourishing Center’s blogs/articles
EdX/Berkeley’s Science of Happiness Course (free)
Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center In Action (positive psychology interventions)
Professional Quality of Life Measure: