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The Vet Reset

Nov 22, 2021

Rose Alaimo is a musician, a veterinarian, and one of those people who makes you feel like magic is possible. If you've ever felt like you were trying to fit in a space that wasn't made for you, trapped in a job you didn't think you were allowed to leave, or out of touch with the inner voice that used to know what it was you wanted out of life, Rose's story will find a foothold in your heart. She's listening to her inner voice these days, and it's led her to a place she always wanted to be but maybe never would have predicted she'd find.

The amazing song in the intro and outro of this episode is Elevate, the first track on Rose's album Grow. Find it and all of Rose's music at

Follow her and send her a DM on Facebook and Twitter: @RoseAlaimoMusic

The book we discuss: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @thevetreset