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The Vet Reset

Nov 8, 2021

Our guest from Episode 29, Dr. Amy Porto, straight-talker, dog mom, registered dietitian, professor, and intuitive eating counselor, is back - and this time we're tackling the complex phenomenon called "functional medicine." Katie's got her own story to tell, and Amy weighs in on some heavy issues surrounding this controversial, yet increasingly popular, piece of wellness culture.

Please let us know what you think about this discussion - it's a hot topic and we know there will be strong opinions! 

Reach Amy at her website,, where you'll find information on her courses coming up this winter, including her wildly popular Empowered Eater Essentials - sign up for the waitlist at - and on social media:

Facebook: Dr. Amy Porto, Registered Dietitian

Instagram: @dr.amyporto

Twitter: @DrAmyPorto

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