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The Vet Reset

Oct 25, 2021

Dr. Audrey Hoffmann is a practice owner and veterinarian who cares fiercely for her team and patients - and she is just as fierce in the gym. She is a recent Pan American medalist in Olympic weightlifting, which she works on in her basement gym when she's not working on running her busy practice. Audrey makes space for both of her passions by giving herself grace, knowing her boundaries, and working with a coach who understands that her work life won't ever be predictable. 

Audrey's realistic but serious approach to her business and her sport are inspiring, and it's easy to hear in her voice that she's confident in her body and grateful for what it can do. In a world full of messages telling us we need to be smaller, she is proud of her strength and isn't about to compromise it to fit in an arbitrary mold. 

Follow Audrey on Instagram @ajoyfulvet to see her amazing lifts (and other adventures). 

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