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The Vet Reset

Sep 27, 2021

April Tabor, CPT, CES (certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist), is a kick-ass personal trainer, a small business owner, and, most importantly, a loyal and passionate friend. She gave me a place to try my hand at group fitness instruction and a push to get that first certification, and I'll always be grateful she gave BollyX a chance in an area where no one even knew what it was. 

April and I talk about her "reset" when she left accounting to open Omni Fitness, her studio here in central PA, and how it feels to leave the field you've done your formal schooling in and do what's in your heart. We also talk about how even though many women still shy away from strength training, especially heavy weights, there's no reason to - and every reason to dive in with the right training. 

Enjoy this chat with April - sorry about the echo - and then, in the words of April's phone, "Go work out and meditate." 

Reach April at - if you're interested in joining her virtual workout group, send her a message there! It's still going strong even though the studio at Omni is open for business.

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