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The Vet Reset

Aug 16, 2021

You probably already know Dr. Lauren Smith - through her brand The Vetitude, she talks about communication, empathy, and the intersection of the client and vet team experience, and she also does a whole lot of keeping it real. She's not afraid to voice an unpopular opinion, and when she does, it's always worth a listen, because it's undoubtedly going to teach you something important about yourself or about other people. 

In this conversation, Lauren drops serious wisdom about some of the more difficult aspects of client communication - and of being an extroverted introvert in a profession where you talk to people all day. We talk about loneliness, which is a big part of life for many of us in vet med in general, but which looms large for much of the planet during this COVID era. (Did you know the UK AND Japan both have appointed "Ministers of Loneliness" in the past few years? It's a real job.)

But I am most grateful that Lauren, a lifelong runner, took this opportunity to open up and talk with me about some subjects we don't discuss enough in vet med: weight stigma, body image, and diet culture.  There's actually a lot that traditional vet med culture and diet culture have in common, and we both think it's worth working hard to shift those cultures to a place where toxicity is the exception, not the accepted norm, and where inclusion and empathy are the basis for everything that comes next. 

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