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The Vet Reset

Feb 26, 2021

Dr. Marci Kirk is Assistant Director for Recent Graduate Initiatives at the AVMA, co-host of the podcast My Veterinary Life, and an avid runner who is missing her race-vacations to Disney while everything is still shut down due to COVID-19. In this episode, we bond over the ways vet med can lift you up or break your heart - just like running. But just like running, vet med doesn't have to look the same for everyone (in fact, that's impossible) and setbacks can just be the grounds for a great comeback that lets us use our skills in ways that make us happy and help us do good. 

Marci and I talk about so much stuff in this conversation, from board complaints to the reality of working from home, and the fine line between habit and obsession - we could have talked all day.  

You can find information on the early career development committee here.

And the nomination form can be found on this page.

Our favorite running clothes company, Oiselle, that we are usually wearing even when we aren't running - look for sales! 

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