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The Vet Reset

Feb 11, 2021

I loved getting to know Dr. Jennifer Quammen during this conversation - she experiences vet med from a lot of different angles, which gives her a unique ability to relate to others in the field. Along with being a practicing vet, she and her partner run Veterinarian Coaching to help vets thrive and grow both in practice and beyond. Jen is also involved in organized veterinary medicine through the KVMA and is Chief Veterinary Officer at TeleVet.

It's hard to believe she has any free time, but she is also an athlete (kettlebells are her jam) and makes time to relax and allow herself to be. In this hour, we talk about boundaries (just because you can doesn't mean you should!), similarities between ultrarunners and veterinarians (high performers abound), and how intellectual diversity can benefit vet med. 

If you haven't met Jen yet, take some time to listen. She's engaging and funny and relatable - and wise. 

Learn more about Jen and Ryan at and check out what Jen is working on with the folks at TeleVet at

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